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Take an Alaskan cruise and you'll be completely overawed by the ice, mountains, the expansive sky, and untouched wilderness that seems to go on forever. Alaska cruises will let you see ice fields as big as cities, mountainous glaciers, sky-blue icebergs, rain-forested fiords, wild flowers and endless tundra. The wildlife will include whales, moose, bears, bald eagles and ravens.

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Most Alaska cruises concentrate on the Southeast Alaska panhandle, a string of islands linked by the waterway known as the Inside Passage. Some Alaska cruises stay entirely within the Southeast Alaska panhandle region.

Alaska cruises usually sail a round-trip from Vancouver, British Columbia, or Seattle, Washington. Others Alaska cruises sail between one of those ports and the northern towns of Seward or Whittier. These are the ports nearest to Alaska’s biggest city, Anchorage.

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Here are 9 excellent rail trips and destinations to get you started (there are many more) :

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7. Discovering Japan by train

8. London to Jordan, by rail

9. China by High Speed rail

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Alaska has paved the way for cheap luxury cruising. In addition to seeing fascinating coastal sights, most luxury Alaska cruises offer 'add-ons' to the cruise itineraries such as a visit to Denali National Park or kayaking in Ketchikan. Other 'add-ons' to Alaska cruises include king salmon fishing, guided bear viewing trips, whale watching excursions, dogsled rides and white-water rafting tours.

In general the best time to take Alaska cruises is between of May and September. July and August often provide the best weather condition to enjoy your Alaska cruising. The prices of Alaska cruising is generally higher than cruises to other locations such as the Caribbean and the Bahamas. The cheapest time to take Alaska cruises is during the harse winter months when demand is lowest.

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