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Why Model Railroading is
"The World's Greatest Hobby"



To download these free signs simply go to the website mentioned in the video and search for "Free Train Room Signs" under USEFUL TOOLS in the top tool bar.

Model Railroading - A Lifetime of Activity And Enjoyment

It doesn't seem to matter whether you’re 5 or 95... or somewhere in between. The personal satisfaction of building and operating a realistic miniature railroad layout is rewarding and fun. Model railroading is a truly rewarding hobby that will keep most model railroad hobbyists busy and entertained for hours...if not a lifetime.




Ask model railroad hobbyists "what appeals about the hobby?" and you'll get a variety of answers. For some model railroad hobbyists, it is a way of re-creating a fond childhood memory. Others; simply enjoy building a world in miniature with all its detail and realism. Then there are those model railroad hobbyists who love solving the technical problems of building and operating an electronic control system.

Knowledge Of Model Railroads

The more you know about model railroads, the less chance that you'll be taken
for a ride (excuse the pun!). Some hobby shop assistants and internet model railroad retailers just want to sell... and others may misunderstand your needs and sell you the wrong thing for your model railroad set. However, in saying that,
in general hobby shop staff have a wealth knowledge and are happy to share their model railroading ideas. Also the more research you do, the better you'll get to know your model railroad scales, styles and which model railroad set manufacturers you prefer.

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Model Railroading Needn't Cost The Earth

Model railroad sets can run from a few dollars for a basic train set, to several thousands of dollars for a model railroad set loaded that's with accessories. Therefore, it is important to decide how much you want to spend on a model railroad set. Set a realistic budget for your model railroad set and stick to it.

Thanks to the Internet and sites like "e-bay" you can pick up some real bargain model train sets and railroading accessories in the secondhand market. Make sure you know exactly what you are buying.

Enjoyable Rail Journeys

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Planning Mistakes With Model Railroad Sets

When planning a model railroad layout it is usually best to start small. Then hopefully, mistakes can be small too. You will probably want to begin your model railroading hobby by purchasing only a small amount of track and maybe some plugs, switches, a locomotive or two, and a few cars. A small model railroad track layout of 4x8 or less might be a good place to start your railroading hobby. There is no point in being intimidated (and maybe discouraged) by a large or complex model railroad set when you are learning the basics of the hobby. With a smaller model railroad set it will be easier to fix mistakes or make changes.

A 4x8 model railroad layout is large enough to fit the 18-inch radius curves that come with many railroading sets. With a 4x8 model railroad layout there is also room for an oval with 18-inch radius ends and a few sidings.

Choosing A Model Railroad Scale

It is best to choose a model railroad scale that best suits your needs and gives you the effect you are looking for in your model railroad layout. O scale model trains and S scale trains are large when compared to the more popular HO scale model trains. O scale is 1:48 size with 1¼" track gauge and a minimum radius of 2 foot (24 inches). S scale is 1:64 size with 7/8" track gauge and a minimum radius of 22½ inches. As you can see S scale model trains are smaller in size than the larger O scale model railroad sets.

Model Railroading A Creative Hobby

YES! Model railroading is a fun-filled leisure activity that provides plenty of scope for the creative individual with a technical bent. It incorporates a variety of interesting hobby activities from building, maintaining, upgrading and operating a railway. What kind of world you create, where you create it, and how much time you spend in it... is entirely over to the individual model railroad hobbyist. We are all different.

George Bernard Shaw And Model Railroads 

A model railroading hobbyist can build a railroad layout in the solitude of his or her basement, attic, shed or garage workshop...or they can sit in a sun lounger and watch model trains weave around their garden... or the railroad hobbyist can join a local model railroading club and share their railroading ideas and experiences with others. The opportunities for the model railroad hobbyist are endless!

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