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Europe By Train -
Are European Rail Passes Worth The Money?

 europe by train rail passes

European rail passes can be a good idea when planning to travel to Europe. Depending on the places you are planning to visit, doing your rail bookings in advance can save a lot of time and stress.

europe train travel Zurich to Luzern

europe by train

European rail travel can be a great pleasure if you get organized in advance. There are endless possibilities for traveling by train to some of the most beautiful and interesting countries in Europe.

There are a lot of different European Rail Passes available through Rail Europe:

The Eurail Global Pass gives you total flexibility to travel between 20 European countries whether they border each other or not. Europe is at your fingertips when you're a Eurail Global Pass ticket holder.

Eurail Select Pass offers unlimited travel on the national rail networks of any 3 to 5 bordering countries out of 22 European nations that are connected by train or ship.

 Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

Here are 9 excellent rail trips and destinations to get you started (there are many more) :

1.   Trans Siberian railway tours

2.  Switzerland's Alpine scenery by train

3. Reunification Express tour - Vietnam

4. USA Coast to Coast

5.  Canadian Rockies and a journey on the Rocky Mountaineer

6.  Australia & the Ghan Luxury Train

7. Discovering Japan by train

8. London to Jordan, by rail

9. China by High Speed rail

Click the above links to read more above each of these railway journeys.

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 Europe Innsbruck Australia rail travel

Innsbruck Austria

eurocity train europe rail

European rail passes allowing you to vacation
in Two European Countries:

  • Eurail Austria-Czech Republic Pass
  • Eurail Austria-Croatia-Slovenia Pass
  • Eurail Austria-Hungary Pass
  • Eurail Austria-Switzerland Pass
  • Eurail Benelux Pass
  • Eurail Benelux-France Pass
  • Eurail France-Germany Pass
  • Eurail France-Italy Pass
  • Eurail France-Spain Pass
  • Eurail France-Switzerland Pass
  • Eurail Austria-Germany Pass
  • Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass
  • Eurail Denmark-Germany Pass
  • Eurail Greece-Italy Pass
  • Eurail Germany-Switzerland Pass
  • Eurail Hungary-Croatia-Slovenia Pass
  • Eurail Hungary-Romania Pass
  • Eurail Italy-Spain Pass
  • Eurail Portugal-Spain Pass

European rail passes for you to travel only one
country or region:

  • Austria rail pass
  • Balkan rail pass
  • Britain rail pass
  • Croatia rail pass
  • Czech Republic rail pass
  • Eastern Europe rail pass
  • Finland  France rail pass
  • Germany rail pass
  • Greece rail pass
  • Hungary rail pass
  • Iberia rail pass
  • Ireland rail pass
  • Italy rail pass
  • Netherlands rail pass
  • Norway rail pass
  • Portugal rail pass
  • Romania rail pass
  • Scandinavia rail pass
  • Spain rail pass
  • Switzerland rail pass

Tour Britain and Europe: BritRail passes plus Eurail Global Pass or Eurail Select Pass. (Britain is not usually covered by other passes. Check rail booking office for cheap prices on Eurostar with any Eurail Global Pass, and with specific Eurail Select Pass.) 

If you have the time (and money), then tour Europe by train. Vacation for four or five weeks enjoying the scenic beauty of the European continent.

Check rail bookings offices online for European rail passes. You can avoid the worry of paying for individual train journeys if you have a European rail pass.

When planning your rail vacation you may also be able to get cheap train tickets online or when in Europe. Cheap train tickets are more likely for rail journeys in Eastern Europe.

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