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The Importance Of Investing
In A Quality Locomotive

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No one wants a locomotive that you have to push to get it going. You don't want one that suddenly speeds up and falls off he tracks. If you want your train to run well, be prepared to pay good money for a good quality locomotive. Buy the best locomotive you can afford. Buy a high-performing workhorse and it will pay for itself in no time with the pleasure it gives you over many years.

When buying a locomotive from a hobby shop or perhaps on eBay, ask about the wheels. If the wheels are not connected to a gear, then they'll move easily when you push them with your finger. If the wheels move just a little and then go stiff, they’re connected to a gear. That’s a good sign. If the locomotive is slow to start, then consider buying something a bit better. A good locomotive is worth the investment!

The motor is also important and needs to be of good quality, to turn smoothly, using the least amount of electricity.

Flywheels - Why they matter

Flywheels are solid-metal cylinders mounted in line with the motor. Flywheels at one or both ends of the motor ensure a smooth take-off by slowing down the initial rotation of the motor. Flywheels help achieve a smoother stop when the electricity is turned off. They also help the locomotive operate more smoothly and negotiate dirty track better.

Diesel locomotives are generally shorter than steam locomotives. As a rule, shorter locomotives are less prone to derailments, especially when going around a curve. If you are just starting out, or if the train set is going to be used by a child, buying a short locomotive could be the best option. The same point applies when choosing rolling stock.

The Model Train Help Ebook includes sections buying and looking after engines.

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