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3 Quick Tips From The Model Train Help Ebook

The Model Train Help Ebook includes 100's of useful ideas, techniques and tips to help you build the model railroad of your dreams. Here are just 3 of the useful quick tips you'll will find in the ebook:

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Quick Tip #1

If street lights or other accessories are dim or move slowly, it is most likely a transformer/power pack problem. There may be too many things drawing power. The solution is to invest in more powerful transformer/power pack to run the trains, or buy an inexpensive unit and use it only for accessories.

Quick Tip #2

No one wants a locomotive that you have to push to get it going. You don't want one that suddenly speeds up and falls off he tracks. If you want your train to run well, be prepared to pay good money for a good quality locomotive. Buy the best locomotive you can afford. Buy a high-performing workhorse and it will pay for itself in no time with the pleasure it gives you over many years.

Quick Tip #3

A small mirror tile can be a useful tool to add to your toolkit. It can be particularly helpful when looking for kinks, dips and misalignments in track.

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To check alignments simply set the mirror on the edge on the track. That will enable you to inspect the alignment of the rails, not by looking directly along the rails, but instead by looking into the mirror at the image of the rails.

This will save you from stretching or bending over (no so easy as we get older) or getting track imprints in your cheek. When you bend down and sight along a rail the track can appear to be very smooth. However, by looking at the image of the rail in a mirror, kinks and dips are often easier to spot.

The mirror can also prove useful when placed alongside the track to view the action of trucks and wheels while the train moves over a trouble spot.

Also, consider using a mirror when laying track in difficult locations and even track that is out in the open.

In the Model Train Help Ebook I explain the various weathering techniques including:

  • Pastel Chalks And Pencils
  • Dry Brushing
  • Bounce-Weathering
  • Acrylic Wash With Airbrushing
  • Ink & Alcohol Wash

It also explains:

  • Weathering Wood Cars
  • Weathering Wheels & Couplers
  • Adding Dents
  • Adding Scratches

The ebook also includes a bonus section on airbrushing techniques.

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