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Major Railroad Accidents and
Train Crashes From Around The World

Railroad Accidents From Around The World

Model railroaders can get frustrated with derailments and accidents that happen with model railroad layouts. Regardless of how good the track-work is on your model railroad - derailments still happen.

Sometimes model train derailments are caused by a super-light flatcar being shoved behind a heavy boxcar, or a hopper with out-of-gauge wheelsets somewhere waiting to pick a switch-point or be forced off the track. S-curves on model railroads can also prove a hazard for passenger cars.

Model railroaders generally do their best to avoid derailments, but most accept
that freak accidents are a part of the hobby.


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Sadly, real railroad accidents are far more serious and cause tragedy and mayhem. Here we look at some of the more serious railroad accidents from history. Please keep in mind that this is by no means a complete archive.

Railroad Accidents

January 16, 1944
A train crashed in Torro Tunnel in Leon Province, Spain. More than 500 were killed.

March 2, 1944
A train stalled in tunnel in Salerno, Italy, suffocating passengers. 521 die.

April 3, 1955
300 people are killed when a train plunges into a canyon in Guadalajara, Mexico.

September 29, 1957
250 people are killed when an express train strikes stationary oil train in Montgomery, West Pakistan.

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May 3, 1962
160 people were killed in a three-train collision north of Tokyo.

November 9, 1963
Another railroad crash in Japan kills 161 people. It involved a freight train and two passenger trains in Tsurumi, outside Tokyo.

February 1, 1970
236 people are killed when an express train rams stationary commuter train on a railroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

October 6, 1972
A train carrying religious pilgrims derails and catches fire in Saltillo, Mexico, killing 208.

January 4, 1990
More than 210 people killed and hundreds injured when an overcrowded 16-car passenger train struck a standing freight train in Sindh Province, Pakistan.

June 8, 1991
A train carrying 800 passengers from Karachi to Lahore slammed into a parked freight train on a railroad at Ghotki, Pakistan, killing more than 100 people.

Jan. 30, 1993
140 people die when a train plunged into a river as the bridge collapsed in Kenya, Africa.

Sept. 6, 1994
Two trains collided on a railroad in the Republic of Congo, killing more than 100 people.

September 22, 1994
A derailing train plunged into a ravine in Tolunda, Angola, killing 300. Nearly 150
people were injured.

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Aug. 20, 1995
Around 358 people were killed and another 344 injured when a passenger train crashed into a train that had apparently stalled after hitting a cow in Firozabad, India.

Feb. 14, 1998
The derailment of a cargo train caused the explosions of two wagons with fuel onboard in Cameroon. 220 people died in this railroad accident.

Nov. 26, 1998
More than 200 people were killed in a railroad collision of two trains in India.

Aug. 2, 1999
285 people die when two express trains collide head-on in Gauhati, India.

Feb. 20, 2002
Some 361 people were killed and 450 injured in the fire on a crowded passenger train en route from Cairo to the southern Egyptian city of Luxorin.

May 25, 2002
A train derailment in Mozambique kills 192 people and injures 169.

June 24, 2002
A passenger train and a cargo train collide on a railroad in Tanzania killing 288

Feb 18, 2004
Nearly 300 people were killed and 450 others injured in the explosions caused by the derailment of a train carrying fuel and industrial chemicals. The explosions are reported to have damaged several villages near the railroad in Neyshabur, Iran.

April 22, 2004
161 people dead and thousands of homes destroyed when two trains collide and explode in a North Korea train station near the Chinese border.

December 26, 2004
Around 2,000 people die when a train is swamped by the South Asian tsunami in Sri Lanka.

April 25, 2005
A commuter train jumps the tracks south of Tokyo and slams into an apartment building killing 107 people.

July 13, 2005
More than 100 dead when three trains crash in a station near Ghotki, Pakistan.


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