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"I have spent 2 1/2 hours reading your
ebook and I do not know how to thank you
enough. What you have done here is
incredible. You have certainly put a lot of
work into it and it only complements your
ebook. There is so much to learn about all
the aspects of Model Railroading and you
have put it all together in one source. I did
not see one thing that was not useful to me."
Mike K, Yukon, Oklahoma, USA

"I have just downloaded the e-book and
read it through. This is GREAT!!!!! At 51
years old I am just getting ready to design a
model railway layout to be built after I retire.
All of the info will help me plan for the future."
Steve G, UK

"I have been collecting and running model
trains for about 50 years and I think I have
about every book about model trains! Your
ebook is by far the best and the one I now
go to first. The cost was very reasonable.
For that much information it should cost at
least twice as much. I really appreciate the
new edition. I just can't say enough positive
things about the book. Thank you so very
much for all your hard work. You are a great
asset to the hobby of model railroading."
Jack H, St. George, Utah, USA.

"I followed your model railway plans for the
mainline and industrial layout. My train
layout has turned out brilliantly!"
Bill T, Birmingham, UK

"I just took a look at some of the wiring and
layout plans included in your new model
railway book and I must say you have done
an excellent job."
Mike T, Victoria, Australia

"Thanks Rob, you showed how to build
model railways. Was made easier for me.
Model railway layout design was big help
Rick C, SA

"Lots of great little tips for both beginner and
expert. The list of references is worth the
price alone!"
Duane Lindstrom, Michigan, U.S.A.

"I've been a model railroader for 34 years
and got numerous layout tips I didn't know
from your excellent book. I would
recommend it to anyone."
Jack W, Toronto, Canada

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    the easiest way to build a frame and
    baseboard, how to solder track, lay  
    ballast and more!

  • 22 model railway layout designs with
    model railway track plans and track parts
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    run erratically (and how easy it is to fix) .

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    NEVER do.

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build OO model railway bridge
lay ballast on OO railway track
railway modellerr building OO model railway
OO british steam locomotive
building OO model railways
OO model railway tracks
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